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newtboy says...

It boils my blood to see almost daily examples of 'public servants' murdering unarmed civilians. I saw no gun, and I don't trust the police to not plant one. These days, if it's not clearly on video, the cops might as well stay silent. I don't trust a word they say...one reason I can't serve on a jury. I only wish more people would realize that police are professional liars, and should never be trusted without incontrovertible evidence to back their story up.
One more tragedy caused by police over reaction and fear. I often wonder why no family member ever comes to their family's aid with their ar15. Self defense includes defending family members.
If someone shoots my spouse in my driveway, I'm shooting them, no matter who they are or why they shot her. I'll say the same for my dog. She's more valuable to me than the average human.

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goshface says...

IMO the delay on the FBI and State side is that while HRC is complicit in ignoring the rules the investigation will expose them(FBI) in being complicit in not enforcing them. Not because they were directed to ignore but because this matter simply isn't a priority. I'd be shocked if the use of personal e-mail wasn't being used at times by a majority of those in govt. The issue is way overblown regardless of the outcome or those involved.

lurgee says...

Sorry for the late reply sir. Thank you for the info. I am subscribed to their YouTube account and watched a few of their uploads when they were posted. I need to check on what they have posted. How are things with you?

radx said:

The 32C3's opening event is scheduled in begin in about 13h.

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