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alien_concept says...

It's funny, but I can't laugh, too close to reality. I've not much looked into it all I have to be honest, too much shit going down here!

Where's the reset button???

radx said:

Frankie had one of his moments again:

"I think we're heading for a two state solution. Israel as a solid, Palestine vaporised into a gas."

siftbot says...

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siftbot says...

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lurgee says...

Thank you very much for sharing this information. Please keep me posted with with what you discover. I am still very interested in this topic. Cheers mate!

radx said:

If you're still interested in emerging details of the NSA/GCHQ story, keep reading. If not, feel free to delete the comment.

As you might have heard, a parliamentary investigative committee was set up in Germany to shed some light on at least some of the claims made by the press. They don't want to pay too close attention to it, given that our own intelligence services are just as bad, but that's another discussion.

Today, two expert witnesses were supposed to testify, William Binney and Thomas Drake, Everything was to be broadcast, as is custom, but they decided not to broadcast it after all. Given that recent interviews with both Binney and Drake indicated that they were planning to reveal quite a lot about shady cooperation between NSA/GCHQ and our own services, a set of rather embarassing details might have emerged. What a coincidence...

Additionally, one of our public broadcasters, in cooperation with Jacob Appelbaum, revealed a piece of source code from a selector of XKeyscore. Hardcoded within, for some reason, we find the IPs of all servers running a TOR directory authority, once of them owned and maintained by a German student. So now we have the names of two German citizens under surveillance, and it'll be significantly harder for our Attorney General to find ways not to open up an invenstigation into espionage.

Also part of the revealed code was a confirmation that using TOR gets you labeled as an "extremist" and your ass is now amongst those whose activities will be monitored, constantly. A Google search for it is enough to land on their shit list, same for Tails.

That's the day so far, and it's not even 1pm.

bareboards2 says...


I am facebook friends with some ardent and passionate vegans. One of them posted that photo without commentary.

My first thought was -- honey. You should listen to my 90 year old father talk about living on a farm in Oklahoma. That old saying of eating everything but the squeal? They weren't exaggerating.

Modern times mass produces and sorts what a handful of people did to one pig.

radx said:

I don't have a clue.

But you know what would be nice with all those peas?

Boneless pork rectums!

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