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bareboards2 says...

That is really the heart of this whole conflict, right there.

Zoos and the destruction of natural habitat.

BicycleRepairMan said:

I dont understand the interviewer or people being wildly upset by this, do they really think the zookeepers, who feed and care for this giraffe are simply sadistic morons who kills a giraffe for fun or just because they can? Obviously there was a reason for this.

I am , however, in principal against zoos. they may be educational on some level, but I have a distaste for the concept of keeping wild animals imprisoned like this. But I do think that most zoos and zookeepers do their best under the circumstances to keep the animals happy as they can be. Most wild animals in the wild of course, live in perpetual fear and/or hunger, and so forth, but I am much more in favour of us spending money on preserving wilderness, and stop the perpetual destruction of their natural habitat, instead of keeping specimens in special "cages"/zoos.

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Reefie says...

It's been mentioned a couple of times for sure. Catches most people out though!

In reply to this comment by BicycleRepairMan:
You are probably aware of it, but: The math in your avatar is wrong, 2(a-b)=a-b does not imply 2=1 but is equal to 2x0=0

You could use any number in place of 2 here, since you are multiplying with 0 ie:

Fletch says...

In reply to this comment by BicycleRepairMan:
I can relate and agree with this whole clip, except where he mentions "octomom", I dont know who that is, but if it is what it sounds like (8-lings??) , I think that serves as a good enough excuse not to know ANYTHING, other than the fact that you have 8 babies to take care of.

She actually has 14 children, all conceived in vitro. So... now you know.

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